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Earthstone Worktops

Earthstone worktops are manufactured from a 6mm thick layer of solid acrylic affixed to a sturdy wooden particle board core. These stone effect surfaces can be joined together with a seamless-looking connection, creating the appearance of a custom creation with every installation - for a fraction of the cost.

Our Earthstone work surfaces are available in a variety of colours, each a perfect imitation of natural stone. The acrylic surface of these worktops makes them cool to touch, just like quartz or granite, and it also means they can be repaired by gently buffing out marks and scratches. Each worktop is finished on all three sides, making this luxury option suitable for installation as soon as it is delivered.

Black Star Earthstone worktops

Black Star:

Our Black Star Earthstone worktops feature an attractive black finish, with small flecks of greys and white shades, for the perfect imitation of natural stone. Just like the rest of our Earthstone surfaces, it is cool to the touch and can be installed almost seamlessly.

Coffee Earthstone worktops


Available in a selection of sizes, Coffee Earthstone worktops are a stylish neutral brown and cream blend, with small flecks of brown, beige and white for a natural look. Like the rest of the Earthstone range, these surfaces can be installed to appear seamless and they are cool to the touch for a luxury option.

Gemini Earthstone worktops


Elegant white worktops are a timeless choice for any kitchen. Gemini Earthstone worktops feature large flakes of various grey and white shades for a striking recreation of natural stone. This luxury look is enhanced by the smooth, matt surface which is cool to touch, and the option for a seamless looking installation, just like the other options in our Earthstone range.

Glacier Earthstone worktops


Glacier Earthstone worktops are a striking white for a fresh, clean look in any kitchen. Perfectly enhanced by their cool to the touch, smooth, matt surface, these acrylic work surfaces can be installed to appear completely seam-free, just like the rest of our Earthstone collection.

Mocha Earthstone worktops


Luxurious Mocha Earthstone worktops are a rich brown hue, featuring specks of black white and gold and the occasional flake of silver glitter. Cool to the touch with a smooth, matt finish, all our Earthstone worktops can be installed to look completely seam-free, for the appearance of a custom creation every time.

Nordic Earthstone worktops


Black and white specks adorn the incredibly pale grey Nordic Earthstone worktop for a stylish imitation of natural quartz. These surfaces feature the same smooth, matt finish which is cool to the touch, and they can be installed to look completely seamless, for the appearance of a custom creation in any kitchen.

For additional information regarding these products, please view our Earthstone guide and for information regarding installation for Earthstone products, please view the installation guide.