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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

An intense commitment to sustainability has been a lynchpin of our business model since its inception. This approach is twofold: we only source timber from areas with established replanting programmes and we promote environmental practice with minimal wastage wherever possible.

  • For our European species, we only manufacture from wood that is milled sustainably and carries FSC certification.
  • For our American species, we only manufacture from wood that is milled at one of the largest national plants and carries PEFC certification.
  • For our exotic African species, we only manufacture from wood that is purchased legally. These manufacturing plants are subject to strict monitoring and we continually seek proof that the necessary sustainability procedures are being implemented.

All the timber purchased by us — from any source — is logged from sustainable forests with well-established replanting programmes.

The very construction of our worktops (solid timber panels — or staves — which are fingerjointed) means that waste is extremely minimal. Any resultant wood waste is used to create samples and byproducts; or, in the final instance, unusable solid wood offcuts are used to fuel our newly instated biomass boiler, which heats our main warehouse. We also have a self-enclosed extraction system for capturing and recycling emissions. The majority of our in-house finishing products (Danish oil, wax etc) are natural.

WEX Trade are proud to supply high-quality products that are both eco-friendly and encourage biodiversity.

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