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Solid Wood Worktops

Choosing the right timbers for our worktop collection has been more than a simple quest for variety: it's a matter of pride. As such, WEX Trade have built up a diverse collection of species - the largest in the UK - over our years of trading.

Classic timbers mingle with the exotic and the dramatic: from oak and beech to zebrano and wenge, there is a worktop to suit every taste. WEX Trade worktops come in two formations - standard and full stave - and are manufactured only in Europe. Standard worktops are a premium, great-value option, constructed from 40mm wide, high-pressure glued, finger-jointed staves of wood; whereas the luxurious full stave range uses wider sections of wood (90mm), allowing true appreciation of each timber's delicate and unique grain pattern.

All worktops are supplied fully sanded to a sleek, 150 grit finish. The worktops are supplied in this natural unfinished state so that prior to installation any further finishes may be applied according to the customer's preference. Edges are square as standard but we also offer a variety of bespoke edge profiles; please see our 'specialist options' page or enquire for more information.

Please select your preference of timber from the swatches below:
Standard Range

Each standard worktop is constructed from 40mm wide, high-pressure glued, finger-jointed staves of varying lengths.

Oak Worktops
Prime Oak Worktops
Beech Worktops
Prime Beech Worktops
Walnut Worktops
Black American Walnut Worktops
Iroko Worktops
Bamboo Worktops
Caramel Bamboo Worktops
Cherry Worktops
Maple Worktops
Zebrano Worktops
Wenge Worktops
Ash Worktops
Black Oak Worktops
Sapele Worktops
End Grain
Full Stave Range

This luxurious worktop option allows true appreciation of each timber's delicate grain pattern. Full stave wood worktops are constructed from wider, 90mm planks of timber that run the full length of the worktop, highlighting the natural charms of each species as only a fuller stave can. The result is a uniquely versatile worktop that functions as both an eye-catching feature and a faithful worksurface.

Full Stave Oak Worktops
Full Stave Prime Oak Worktops
Full Stave Iroko Worktops
Full Stave Black American Walnut Worktops
Full Stave Zebrano Worktops
Full Stave Prime Wenge Worktops