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For an example of the quality you can expect from WEX Trade, we invite you to view our samples.

Each solid timber sample is 200mm x 150mm x 40mm, allowing our customers to truly appreciate the weight, quality and finish of each worktop option. Selected timbers are also available in 200mm x 150mm x 27mm sections.

Our wooden samples are fully sanded and have been finished with one coat of oil to the top side to give a valid indication of the finished article. The bottom side is unfinished so that you may see the timber in its natural form.

We also stock a range of Earthstone samples, which accurately showcase the finish of these solid surface worktops. Each sample pack includes all six of the Earthstone decors we supply and each sample measures 105mm x 75mm x 6mm.

As an extra saving for trade customers, we are offering a discount on each sample set. The details of our range and the prices for each are listed below.

WEX Trade Sample Stand
Worktop Sample Pack

Available in each of the 18 timber species we offer, samples are provided in a large 200mm X 150mm X 40mm format. Our timber samples are oiled on the top face and edges with the underside left natural (unoiled) to provide a true example of the different finishing options.

WEX Trade Earthstone Worktop Sample Pack
Earthstone Worktop Sample Pack

Our Earthstone worktop sample pack provides an accurate representation of our solid surface worktops. Each of the six samples within the pack measures 105mm x 75mm x 6mm.

WEX Trade Sample Stand
Worktop Sample Stand

A solid wood stand to house the WEX Trade Worktop Sample Pack. Please note that the current stand holds a maximum of 14 timbers; however a new stand is now in development to reflect the recent increase in our timber range.

WEX Trade Solid Oak Frontal Sample Set
Solid Oak Frontal Sample Set

A selection of 6 H355mm X W296mm solid oak doors from our popular frontal range. The sample doors are provided in both house designs — traditional and shaker — and in three different finishes: sanded, lacquered, and painted. Please select two colours from our Farrow & Ball range for the painted samples.

WEX Trade Sample Stand
Mini Solid Oak Cabinet

A solid oak cabinet manufactured and finished to the same standard as our full size units, but supplied in a mini H355mm X W296mm X D290mm format. The cabinet is also supplied with 5 small sections of fully finished solid oak lacquered cabinet material.

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